I find extremely fascinating the way human brain deals with memories. How we are able to remember so much information, how we unconsciously remember even more, how we jump from one simple memory to a series of them, how a simple image, sound, or smell can trigger memories. But most of all, I love that moment when just for a few milliseconds your brain can actually make you feel a memory.

Comic Strip

The other day, I took a sip from a carbonated lemonade drink. While taking that sip, just for a split second, it was summertime and I was again a little boy in the small village where my grandparents lived, drinking a lemonade that my grandmother gave me. And I could feel everything. The taste, the sun, the wind, the presence of my grandmother…

Thanks brain! :-)

This story was originally published as part of my newsletter’s editorial and was also published on medium.

Comic strip by Lunarbaboon.