I love building web-related stuff. These are some of the projects I’ve personally crafted.

From fanzines to newsletters

From fanzines to newsletters

I’ll begin with a short story. Many years ago, when I was in my early teens, I enjoyed reading several fanzines containing interesting articles (either original or just photocopied from other sources), lists of recommendations for books/music/movies, etc. Back in these days, they were usually distributed by hand, but you could also post money to the fanzine’s publisher to cover postage costs (or an envelope and stamps) and you would get the fanzine by post.

Read more → what it is, plus a few technical details what it is, plus a few technical details is the latest client project I was involved in. It is a Greek startup focused on musicians, which is on early beta phase and currently available only in Greek language. I was heavily involved in all of the project’s phases (since the early documentation of its specifications) and I had a great time working on it, so I decided to share a few details about it.

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