From fanzines to newsletters

I’ll begin with a short story. Many years ago, when I was in my early teens, I enjoyed reading several fanzines containing interesting articles (either original or just photocopied from other sources), lists of recommendations for books/music/movies, etc. Back in these days, they were usually distributed by hand, but you could also post money to the fanzine’s publisher to cover postage costs (or an envelope and stamps) and you would get the fanzine by post.

Being fascinated by these fanzines, I even started a few of my own, but all of them ended up being read only by me, since I was way too shy to actually share them.

Flash-forward to today, with all this overwhelming noise of (interesting) articles and other pieces of information around the web that bombards us on a daily basis, I ended up loving curated newsletters, which hand pick interesting content and share it every once in a while.

When I realised that some of them actually remind me of these old fanzines I was talking about before, I knew that I had to create one! I was putting it off for a long time, but it’s finally ready to launch!

Equilibrium will be a monthly (so it won’t become overwhelming) newsletter which will include hand-picked content mostly about (web) development and design, startup-related articles (I usually prefer stories about bootstrapped ventures), other computer science related topics, as well as a few drops of unrelated (and sometimes geeky) topics, such as games and science fiction novels, that I find interesting. Nothing is written in stone though, so the content might shift while the newsletter evolves.

Actually, maybe the word “news” from the “newsletter” should be dropped, since there will be no real news in there. The creation date of the content is irrelevant, therefore the… letter might include stuff that was published yesterday, or even years ago if they’re still relevant. If you’re looking for a newsletter for actual news, there are other newsletters to subscribe to! :)

Equilibrium’s first ever issue will be sent on 1st of May, 2014. In the mean time, read issue #0 to get an idea of how the newsletter will look like.

To subscribe, visit its homepage, where (in the future) you’ll also be able to find any previous issues.

Photo by Jardin publicaciones