Stuffabouts – The free and easy way to keep track of your stuff

Stuffabouts is a free web app which will help you document whatever you lent to others, so you won’t lose any items again. You can also document whatever you borrow from others so they won’t lose their stuff either and you don’t end up losing friends!

The story of Stuffabouts

Like everyone else, I borrow and lend stuff (from and to my friends) all the time. In all these years, I’ve lost several things because I’ve lent them out and forgot that I did. I also possess a number of items that are not mine and I don’t have a clue to whom they belong!

I tried several solutions to keep track of everything. I quickly stopped using hand-written lists since -guess what- I was losing them. The next try was with some to-do list software for my computer. The problem was that I was (and I still am) using several devices and it wasn’t easy to keep them synchronised, so I gave up on that as well.

Therefore, web-based software was the solution. Since I didn’t find something specific for my needs, I tried to “customise” several solutions, but encountered problems. For example, I was using a great to-do list software, but it did not have email notifications.

After a while, Stuffabouts was born to solve all these needs. And it did! It was living in a private webserver for years, until I decided to get it out there to meet the world. It was too ugly though, so Constantinos came on board and created an amazing design & user interface.

If you’re like me with your (and other people’s) stuff, try it out (it’s completely free). It will save you time and you’ll never forget anything again! :-)

You can check out how it works here. If you don’t like reading, there is a video as well.