Everything comes to an end. It’s inevitable, but there is a feeling of sadness when things are left abandoned without any closure.

It’s been 12 years since I started this blog, and shy of 5 years since I haven’t updated it, after my role at work evolved to be more managerial, my free time reduced dramatically, and the topics I became interested in drifted away from programming, thus were not really a good fit for this blog. Burnmind was a great experience; I met lots of people — which led to amazing opportunities, I expressed my creativity, and I learned so many things while working on it.

I always had at the back of my mind that I’ll resume writing here at some point, but it was not meant to be. I feel the need to write, but instead of pivoting this blog into a new direction, I’ll let it go, and start fresh on a new blog section on my personal site. I’ll keep Burnmind online though, since it’s an important part of my journey.

Farewell, my good friend!

Photo by Peter Bardell